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The six plays were:

007 Reduced by Christopher Paxton

Directed by Chris Lawson, Assistant Director Aidan Martin.

Cast: James Bond - Dean Fisher, Narrator - Richard Ward, Woman - Ashlee Renz-Hotz, Villain - Daniel Osgood.

Purgatorio by Dan Minghella

Directed by Jason Warren, Assistant Director Madelaine Moore.

Cast: Tony - Obioma Ugoala, Elena - Madeleine Dunne, Giotto - John Canmore.

Bollywood Rose by Sumerah Srivastav

Directed by David Henson

Cast: Aisha - Rachel Reddy, Raj - Charan Singh, Hero - Joel Ballard.

Slap Happy by Roger Barker

Directed by Kenneth Michaels, Assistant Director Adam Bambrough.

Cast: Lee Van Cleef - Nicholas Cowell, Rada Rassimova - Alida Pantone. Sergio Leone - Richard Ward

How It Turned Out by Alice Josephs

Directed by Jennifer Davis. With thanks to Craig Gilbert.

Cast: Erich Maria Remarque - Lucien Morgan, Paulette Goddard - Jeanne Golding,       

Film Fun by Philip Whitmore

Directed by Amy Liptrott.

Cast: Bob - Robert James Wardle, Sissy/Mother - Harriett Hare, Mugsy/Policeman - Jethro Dykes, Fingers/Hotelier/Bank Robber/Undercover Cop - Siôn Emyr, Harry - Paige Sheffield.  

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'Good to see something different and to have mix of sitcoms.' Danielle H NW10

'Excellent first experience.' Sarah J SW1

'Enjoyable and informative. Nice to see mix of ages and acting style' Susannah P E2

'Very interesting and meaningful, good for relaxing fun.' Ezekiel A  NW8

'Entertaining and funny and very inspiring.' Kelvin A SW1

'Very interesting, well-acted, enjoyable.' Orah B NW8

'Funny. A lot of creativity and satire.' Juliet F E11

'Good idea!' Alan T NW8 

'Good to showcase new material available for everyone to see' Tina B SE11

'Very good. Deserves an encore.' Peter A SW1

'I liked it. You should do more events.' Elisenda T N8

'Definitely good acting and a good laugh.' Angela Z SW1

'Excellent!' D Hughes NW8

'It was interesting and funny.' Stephen SW1

'Would like to see more of this in future.' Tigist M W2


Sidney Kean (left) as Mr Praze and Mike Lash as The Ghoul in Mr Praze and Mr Beeble by Philip Whitmore at FUSE in Kensington Gardens 

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