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Classic Sitcom Moments

You may have a degree in astrophysics, work for the United Nations bringing world peace (you're still working on that)  ... you have Sarkozy, Brown, Obama, Putin and Merkel on fast dial, you're so bright MENSA don't have an IQ number big enough for you ... but don't worry ... we'll keep your little secret ... you enjoy watching clips from classic sitcoms ... 

Every so often we'll be posting another classic clip ... 

If you can take time off from advising the IMF and designing the newest must-be-on social networking site (Stephen Fry keeps pestering to ask you when it will be ready, we know ...), you may want to suggest a clip:









FATHER TED - The Lingerie Department - a link 'cos YouTube won't let us see it otherwise








 THE IT CROWD  - The Internet - a link 'cos YouTube won't let us see it otherwise