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Mr Praze and Mr Beeble by Philip Whitmore directed by Matthew Gould

with Sidney Kean as Mr Praze and Christopher Mark as Mr Beeble.

On April 16 David Bibby will play Mr Beeble.


In Transit by Alex Humphrey directed by Adam Morley

with Mansel David as David, Mike Lash as Brian, Carrie Marx as Priscilla, Brendan Murphy as Ben Roundtree and Pete Picton as Jim.

On March 3 and from March 23 Charlotte Jo Hanbury will play Priscilla.

From March 17 Du'aine Samuels will play Ben Roundtree.

From March 23 Sidney Kean will play David

Powers Flowers by Fiona Keen and Andy Pandini

directed on tour by Genevieve Girling

with thanks and acknowlegement to Mary Stewart-David

with Stephen Connery-Brown as David Powers, Emma-Jane Goodwin as Emma, Sarah Leigh as Mary Gabriel and Matthew Leonard as The Ghoul

On March 17, 23 and April 16 Angharad Ormond will play Emma. 

On March 26 Alicia Ambrose-Bayly will play Emma


Followed by a Q and A on creating new sitcoms


Sitcom Thursday @ Church Street Library on February 24 @ 2.30 pm

Sitcom Thursday @ Mayfair Library on March 3 @ 4.30 pm

Sitcom Thursday @ St John's Wood Library on March 17 @ 7.00 pm

Sitcom Wednesday @ Paddington Children's Library on March 23 @ 6.00 pm

Sitcom Saturday @ Pimlico Library on March 26 @ 2.30 pm

Sitcom Saturday @ Westminster Reference Library on April 16 @ 6.00 pm


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