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We do receive queries about script submissions once we've announced a new event and will now post the most useful of these on this page under STOP PRESS on this Script Submissions' webpage and also on our Twitter @realdealtheatre account and on our  Facebook webpage.

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STOP PRESS ... STOP PRESS ... Q. Can I submit more than one script?  A. Yes ...   Q What do you mean by "inspired by the movies"? ... A. The experience of movies and cinema (anywhere in the world) must be integral to plot and story  

23/05/2013 We'd love more scripts about the movie industry, whether about high powered filmmaking or a guy or gal with a mobile phone filming or anything in between. And it doesn't have to be about British or US cinema (although we like those as well!). It can be anywhere in the world. Maybe you have an insight because of your family history? Or scripts about changes caused by film and cinema,  the impact on people or a town or the coming of video etc etc Or it could be about somebody working in the film industry or in a cinema (any time period) or in a video shop or making DVDs - just about anything as long as it is recognizably about cinema! 


Download RealDeal Theatre Returns With Popcorn Saturday!

Sitcom Saturday takes place at Westminster Reference Library when we will once again present public semi-staged rehearsed readings of six new sitcoms. We shall post our dates for submission for our next  Sitcom Saturday. We do not accept scripts outside specified entry dates..

Watch out for news when we are next accepting scripts from writers aged 16 years and over (there is no upper age limit!). Please do not send scripts outside these dates and please stick to the rules! Scripts should be sent to scripts[at] (remove the [at] and replace with @). RealDeal Theatre's decision is final and RealDeal Theatre will not enter into correspondence regarding scripts and the selection for Sitcom Saturday.

 Please read these rules and make sure your submission follows them!

1 Treat the script as a complete episode of a sitcom lasting no more than 15 minutes. It should be funny (!!!), previously unperformed, must not contain defamatory material, be wholly or mostly in English and must be the writer’s own work and copyright (writers retain their copyright). "Previously unperformed" can include new versions of previously performed sitcoms as long as they have been significantly changed since the performance.

2 As a rough rule of thumb, it should be no more than 15 - 20 pages using standard sitcom format. See  and for examples of standard TV and radio sitcom script format. Use a 12 point font, double line spacing for dialogue, number and put your name and contact details on every page. Make a difference between STAGE DIRECTIONS, CHARACTER NAMES & dialogue (eg stage directions & character names in upper case & dialogue in lower case).

3 Please also put in a character list and brief synopsis. Each character (actor) should have a substantial role (no bit parts or extras please) and keep the number of characters to a realistic figure (no more than six maximum). 

Remember, stage directions will be read out so keep them pithy and clear!  Don't get hung up on the staging or worrying about scene changes - that's up to the director.

The writer(s) of each sitcom must be available to liaise with director and actors and must be present at Westminster Reference Library on the Saturday in June to see his, her or their sitcom performed and receive feedback

Please make sure it is a sitcom and not a short play. Here's a good summary of what's needed  in a blog that manages to mention SitSat as well! Have a look also at and for definitions of situation comedy eg memorable characters, a plot and sub plot with inciting incident, funny character-driven dialogue and resolution. The audience should want to follow the characters in future episodes. 

7 If you already have a longer sitcom episode, please feel free to cut it down to 15-20 pages, keeping to the 15-minute rule.

8 Remember "show not tell" - rather than make a character or characters tell what happened, far better to show the incident dramatically - it is still possible in 15 minutes!

9 Scripts will not be accepted outside the official entry dates. Please make sure you put your name and contact details clearly in the email and on each page of the script. Your script should be in a popular software format, eg Microsoft Word, pdf, rtf, which can be easily opened.

10 You can download free software for script formatting at or , although it’s not essential to use them. Just keep your script readable with dialogue in double line spacing  – and 15 minutes long (15-20 pages long).  


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RealDeal Theatre has presented Sitcom Saturday on
January 31, May 30, December 5 2009 and June 12 2010.
Sitcom Saturday, originated & organized by RealDeal Theatre, brings together writers, directors & actors who have never previously worked together
in a theatrical equivalent of speed dating.
The audience enjoys six professionally-directed & acted rehearsed readings of new sitcoms
& has the chance to give feedback to the writers.